With the increasing emphasis on the importance of efficient, cost-effective development and land use patterns, and with the recent restrictions on the expansion of urban boundaries, assignments involving the redevelopment and intensification of properties within the urban area are accounting for a larger proportion of our overall planning practice.

These projects often require a number of planning services including urban design, public consultation, and expert testimony before the Ontario Municipal Board—all of which are provided by Bousfields. Bousfields' urban design and planning strategies are based on recognizing and addressing the municipal urban design policy framework, working with the urban design character of the proposed site, and implementing good urban design practice. Each development area or site is different and the resultant form and magnitude of redevelopment is often governed more by the urban design factors concerning its compatibility and fit with the area around than it is with prescribed heights or numbers. Wherever possible, stakeholders are engaged in the process. The greatest challenge is faced in transition areas, where change is expected, but where new types or forms of development may be required to fit adjacent to existing building types or patterns.


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