138 St Helens Ave

Bousfields was retained by Aragon Properties regarding a proposal to redevelop a brownfield site on 138 St. Helens Avenue into a mid-rise, mixed-use building. The parcel is located in a small remnant pocket of light industrial and commercial uses, bounded by a rail line to the west and a low-rise residential neighbourhood to the east. While designated “Industrial” in the Official Plan, a special policy for the area also permits residential uses, provided that no conflicts between residential and industrial uses are created.

The proposal will rehabilitate the contaminated site and construct a new building which will mix employment and residential uses. Flexible space for light industrial and commercial uses will be located at the rear of the site along the rail corridor, while a residential component is located at the eastern end, adjacent to the existing neighbourhood.

Bousfields has been acting as planning and urban design consultant on the project, preparing the Planning Rationale and other supporting materials relating to a rezoning and leading the liaison with City staff. The project is currently under review by the City.

Images courtesy of Aragon Properties Ltd.


Client: Aragon Properties

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