Bond Head

Bousfields was part of a multi-disciplinary consultant team retained by Geranium and Metrus Developments. Through a public participation process, Bousfields led the development of an urban design concept plan and prepared urban design policies for the proposed Secondary Plan of an expanded Bond Head mixed-use residential community. The resulting plan was to structure limited growth in a manner that protects and enhances the urban design amenity of the existing village in its rural landscape.

Major structuring elements include: an improved civic and commercial centre of the village area; a pattern of improved existing and new local streets to provide physical and visual connections between areas of the village and areas beyond; a pattern of well-defined and linked parks, trails, natural areas and accessible open spaces; and a “natural” boundary for the village, comprised of existing natural features and open spaces, existing woodlots, and new recreational parks. The project has now received draft plan of subdivision approval.

Images courtesy of Hariri Pontarini Architects


Client: Geranium and Metrus Developments

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