Beau Soleil Condos

A waterfront community that reaches new heights.

The ask: to design what would be the tallest building in the City’s Downtown at the time, while contributing to the ongoing evolution of the City’s waterfront area.

Team Members





The Challenge

In addition to being the tallest building in the City’s Downtown, the project required the retention of existing heritage attributes, and a widened right of way on a fairly constrained site.

Its proximity to lower scaled residential uses introduced additional challenges with respect to ensuring appropriate transition of scale and mitigation of impacts.

Beau Soleil was one of several tall building projects that Bousfields had been involved in in Burlinton’s Downtown area. Cumulatively, these projects contribute to the creation of a skyline, and an improved public realm environment for new residents to the area.

Our Solution

The project required a coordinated approach from a multidisciplinary team. The focus was creating a pedestrian scaled environment along one of the Downtown’s principal streets while maintaining visual access to the lake. The heritage component played an important role in creating a transition of scale and integrating the project with its context.

The design of the tower was of high quality architecture to create visual interest in the skyline. At grade, the project included commercial uses including live/work units providing for a fine grain experience for pedestrians.

The Outcome

Bousfields was originally retained in 2017, and the project was approved by LPAT in 2021.

Our involvement included providing expert planning and urban design evidence at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT, now OLT) in support of a 29-storey mixed-use building. The project is currently under construction. When completed, Beau Soleil adds almost 300 residential units along with commercial space to the area’s ongoing evolution. 

Beau Soleil plays an important role in the ongoing intensification of a city’s downtown area. Together with other projects, the building contributes to the creation of a vibrant waterfront community.

Beau Soleil Condos

Carriage Gate Homes

Address: 2069 Lakeshore Road, Burlington

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Peter Smith



Peter is one of the leading urban planning practitioners in the City of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, having graduated from the University of Waterloo in 1979 with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Urban and Regional Planning). 

Over the ensuing four decades (and counting), Peter has developed a particular expertise in leading the planning approvals for some of the most complicated and highest profile developments in the Province and, in particular, in the Downtown Toronto area. As well, he has undertaken planning policy studies for the Province and municipalities throughout Ontario and has spoken at numerous conferences and events regarding the need for properly balanced and integrated policy initiatives.

He has been recognized as an experienced professional witness before the Ontario Land Tribunal and the Courts on numerous occasions and has developed a strong reputation for analytical thinking, professionalism and integrity. Peter is a full member of the Canadian Institute of Planners and is a Registered Professional Planner.

Tom Kasprzak



Tom is an urban design partner with a wealth of experience on a wide range of projects throughout the Greater Toronto Area. During his career, he has been focused on urban intensification that promotes excellence in design. Tom’s creative approach and analytical skills have led to a number of successful, award winning projects and establish a proven track record for delivering built developments. He has also lead multi disciplinary teams on complex files including community and neighbourhood plans.  Tom regularly appears as an expert witness at the Ontario Land Tribunal.

Tom is a full member of the Canadian Institute of Planners and is a Registered Professional Planner in the Province of Ontario. He is also an Associate member of the Ontario Association of Architects and a LEED Accredited professional. His past experience includes architectural design locally and abroad.

Richard Valenzona



Combining his experience in urban design, planning and landscape architecture, Richard offers a creative and practical approach to design and development. His multidisciplinary background allows him to work across varying contexts, scales and levels of detail. Known for his master planning expertise, Richard has contributed and designed numerous comprehensive community plans for prospective development sites – from greenfield lands, to infill sites within urban and built-up environments – throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

Richard is involved in a wide range of planning and urban design projects across the GTHA including highest and best use analyses, schematic site plan designs, preparation of urban design related materials for development applications and master plans. He has also worked on numerous community planning, urban design and landscape architectural projects within Canada, the U.S., Middle East and Asia.

Richard earned a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph, where he was awarded the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Honour Award. He also holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in urban planning, with a specialization in urban design, from the University of Waterloo. Richard is currently an Associate Member (Landscape Architectural Intern) of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA), working towards full membership. He is also in the process of working towards full membership in the Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) and Canadian institute of Planners (CIP).